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Analysis of the development of the
labor market with future-oriented
Recommendations for #futureofwork from Siemens

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Siemens offers products and services for energy generation and supply and employs around 9,000 people in Austria. The needs of employees are currently changing particularly rapidly. It is therefore often difficult for companies to recognize these and take appropriate measures. In the project, icons worked for Siemens under the motto #futureofwork to identify future trends in the labor market.


The analysis was carried out in three consecutive steps: In a secondary data research, initial core areas that contribute to the well-being of employees were broken down. Subsequently, icons conducted various focus groups with both external parties and Siemens employees from different departments. After creating and distributing a survey on other relevant aspects, the final step was to analyze and evaluate the collected data.


The approach described above enabled icons to identify the needs of employees in today's working world and to make assumptions about the future development of the labor market based on these needs.

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